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Thursday, July 13, 2017

DJ Yeroc Reviews Kado's Macaroni EP @TheHerbGotti

Posted by YeezysWorld on 10:12 AM

Kado is a multi-talented artist gaining steam in Montgomery, AL. In his area he's proven to have a strong lyrical presence and an unique style shown in previous projects like "Fusion-HA" This time Kado steps outside his norm, adopting a popular style in todays music scene. Read what I thought of the Macaroni EP below!


Great energy for an opening track.. kinda puts me in the mind of the Cool Amerika song tho but thats coincidental. The last verse in the song felt like a throw away but overall it keeps you curious as to what else Kado has to offer on this project.

Wild & Crazy Kid

This song is dope. Just a good way. Makes you want more but in this case im just likely to put it on repeat.

All Work No Play

I fucks with this track. No complaints


I love this track. The chorus is dry tho.. Its understood that Chris Brown isnt singing the hook but some echo and reverb would have taken it a long way.

The Juice

A decent blend of enery and bars, I wouldnt be mad if it was a minute and a half longer tho..

How Ya Live

Im conflicted because I love the energy of the song and the delivery doesnt disappoint but...This is the point in the project where that "lil uzi style" begins to become over saturated. At this point Im tired of "whoa, yeah." Its prevalence in the project becomes evident. It is the biggest minus for the project.

Team Rocket

The "lil Uzi Style" is the first thing to slap you in this song. It sets expectations low early in the song but actually this song is good. Kado and D-Tay give amazing delivery and the only thing I could complain about is the the empty feeling of the chorus. Theres a reverb or adlibs missing..

Magnola Freestyle

Going on this beat would have been so much greater if he wasnt using this "lil uzi style"


This might be the most Hip-Hop track on the project and also possibly my favorite song on the project. No complains about this one.

Stick & Move

The beat is wierd.. but in a dope way. This song is hard.


I love the sample. I love the flow. I wish more of the project was like these last 3 tracks

Overall I like this project and if it wasnt for the over-saturation of the lil uzi style I could play the whole EP without skipping a track. There are 12 tracks on the EP. I like 9.5 of them. So thats how im rating this project. 77% out of 100.


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