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Friday, March 31, 2017

Latin Trap Rapper TALI Flows In #Freestyle053 With Funk Flex on Hot97

Posted by YeezysWorld on 3:20 AM

Funk Flex takes a different approach for #053 of his freestyle series. Flex taps into the Latin Trap market and goes to New York’s Uptown section and grabs the latin rapper Tali for a freestyle.

Flex believes “if it’s hot, then i’ll get it on” and this is just the case with Tali. Currently Tali is one of the hottest artists coming out of New York in the Latin rap community – Latin Trap to be exact. Shortly after playing Tali’s record “Que Vivan Los tiger” on HOT 97, Flex decided to give him the opportunity to come up and freestyle. This is the first time Funk Flex has a non english rapper come up to freestyle. No, Flex does not speak spanish but he does care about showcasing the talent in New York city. Tali rapped over the Mobb Deep classic “Shook One Pt.2” – if you don’t understand what he is saying you can at least tell that he was flowing. In his freestyle Tali mainly raps about the street life and also touches on being one of the new best artist out.

“en camino pa los alto de manhattan ayo! / Broadway, Broadway donde se mueve el yayo
pistolero aqui llego …… el mero mero / yo te mando uno menor a que te quiten sin pero
con el corazon mas frio que enero / y tienen un pistolon que mas caliente que el caldero”

***please dont expect it to rhyme in english but I translated it so you can get an understanding of what he is saying***

“On the way to Uptown Mahattan ayo! / Broadway, Broadway where they move the yayo
gunslinger, got here hustling, the big boss / I send you a minor to take you away without wait
with a heart colder than January / and they have a gun that is hotter than a Pot”


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