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Friday, February 17, 2017

(Video) NFL: Patriots Michael Floyd Sentenced To 120 Days In Jail For Extreme DUI

Posted by YeezysWorld on 4:12 PM

image via: youtube

Michael Floyd finished the season with the New England Patriots but that was because the Arizona Cardinals cut him in the middle of the season after he was arrested for drunk driving. There have been many athletes that have had an issue with a DUI and a team stood behind them but this was different. While all drunk driving situations are very dangerous, Floyd is very lucky he fell asleep at the wheel at a stop light because had he been able to continue driving, he likely would have killed other people or himself.

This was the police body cam and dashboard cam footage of the December incident.

As you saw, Floyd was drunk out of his mind. Even as he is being arrested, he still doesn’t realize what is going on.

He had court this week and the judge in Arizona sentenced him to 120 days behind bars. Floyd will spend 24 days in Maricopa County Jail, and serve the latter 96 days in home detention. He’ll also need to complete 30 hours of community service and pay a $5,115.99 fine.

Floyd is scheduled to become a free agent this off season and this jail time is certainly not adding any value for other teams to want him.

Written by @IamJoeSports


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