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Friday, February 10, 2017

NFL: Odell Beckham Jr Was Reportedly Robbed During Super Bowl Weekend

Posted by YeezysWorld on 6:52 PM

image via: youtube

According to Page Six, while most people in the Houston area were having a great super bowl weekend, Odell Beckham Jr was the victim of a robbery. The details are a little fuzzy as one source claims Odell was mugged by someone on the street and gave up jewelry and cash, while another source claims the robbery was nothing like that and he in fact had items stolen from a friends house.


The same people looking for Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey might have to help Odell. The same source who told the paper that Odell had his belongings stolen, who happens to be someone close to the Giants, said that Odell was staying at a nearby hotel but left a bag at a friends house. It turns out that same house was broken into that night and that’s when Odell’s things were taken. It seems pretty sketchy that his friends house was broken into the same night that Odell left his things there but that’s another matter in itself.

It doesn’t seem like anything of major value was in his bag that was taken but nonetheless it still sucks to have something stolen from you. Hopefully for Odell it wasn’t a major loss, like the time he lost a $25,000 ring in a New York strip club.

No word from Odell or the Giants as of yet.


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