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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dj FatFingaz Dissects The Turntables in #5MinutesOfFunk002 With Funk Flex #TurntableTuesday97

Posted by YeezysWorld on 3:25 AM

#5MinutesOfFunk002 Yup, we’re back another installment go a platform for Dj’s to live and show off why they can do and how they do it best!! Funk Flex meets up with Heavy Hitters own Dj FatFingaz, and boy…Fingaz put a mufu’in show!

Tat Wza IG | Twitter | Snapchat(Snapcode; Screenshot and ADD)

I’m not even here for a ton of back story, or explanations, I got some bio down below, for know just Witness him for yourselves, Fat Fingaz everyone:

This Boy is Niiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee…..

– Where is the DJ from
I hail from Jamaica Queens, NY…born and raised.

– Where did you get your DJ name
My best friend growing up during elementary school and JHS gave me the name. We always played that crazy sandlot football and I was actually trying out for the Bayside Raiders at the time and he told me “your fingers are always gonna be swollen, your fat fingers are gonna break the vinyl…game changing day with the name, it could have been DJ BUDDAH B, I don’t know why but yes lol! Thanks Khalil!

– Who was/is your inspiration as a DJ
No Bias, Funk Flex when they changed formats back in the day with Hot 97. Enuff when he was on WBLS and the late night hour, Kool DJ Red Alert RELIGIOUSLY at 5pm while watching the basement on BET. SPINBAD, Craig G, DJ RIZ, Camilo, Marc Ronson, Q Bert, DJ Roli Rho, Mix Master Mike, ShortKut (ISP) GM Roc Raida, Mista Sinista, Jazzy Jeff and Scratch.

– First exposed to the craft when

…My Mom put up a Run DMC poster in my room and curious who they were at a young age. That was one influence because when I saw them on TV, I was who was on my wall in my room. Then record shopping at “The Wiz” with my Mom, I’d see the djs on 2 turntables mixing records to sell. After that, the influence when I was older living in Jamaica Queens sneaking down to Jamaica Ave with my friends to Music Factory Jamaica where I ended up working there for about their last 3 years before they finally closed with Dj Rob Shock.

– When did you start as a DJ
Martin Luther King Jr Weekend 1993. That weekend changed my life. I was given an opportunity to be trained under a neighborhood crew who was a mobile/ club dj crew who did parties in the City amongst the Filipino scene and mixed scenes in NYC.

– First record you bought and in what format?
My first record that I can honestly say I brought on my own was KLF 3AM ETERNAL, Naughty By Nature – OPP (LP single) Pete Nice and Daddy Rich – Rat Bastard & Shamrocks and Shenanigans House of Pain EP on album. First Cassette I brought was Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet, Terminator X and the Valley of Jeep Beats.

– Last time you carried a crates (if you ever did)
2006!!! Lol!

– Who have you carried crates for
I helped out Cocoa Chanelle a couple of times while djing on another floor at Speed NYC, sporadically. Helped Bobby Trends, Cipha Sounds and of course my crew IBP Since I was the youngest. But we all helped each other out carry each other’s crates.
Later on, I was carrying my own crates to the gigs.

– Best place in the world to DJ is
Best place world to dj….definitely European outdoor festivals on tours Infront of hundred and thousands and in Asia always on tour. Every tour is different. I never really thought about that…so far right now, Seduction in Phuket Thailand. That place is mean and the energy is nothing that I ever felt.

– Biggest misconception about a DJ is ______
We are cheaters, we are male whores, we are programmed because of whom we are branded with, we don’t see day light, we aren’t family men, we are HOLLYWOOD (well atleast not me) and we are selfish. The day we take off maybe the day we take off. People see this as just something temporary, I see this as a career.

– Favorite song to play at a party

Back that Ass up – Juvenile because you get to see aunts, moms and daughters twerk all at the same time, it’s pretty incredible how that one record when you drop it from the top, women get into position to just rock lol!

– Favorite fallback song

My favorite fallback song would have to be Rite Bros – Thug Anthem 2000 or Memphis Bleek Do My.. because I get to flex on those records I and become creative within that range of BPM.

– You can DJ for anyones party dead or alive, that person is ______

1…for Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage and it has to be on a rotaries on wax. The system would have to be the system from back in the day because of that analog sound. That was a dance party. I would have just wanted to have opened up to see how he operated in that booth with the reel to reels from the Turntables, how he progressed the night w/ his remixes and edits and acetate plates.

The second person would have to be Obama. I had the honor to dj with Diggy Simmons at The White House for Michelle Obama’s High 5 Campaign in 2015 where families were invited to the White House lawn and enjoy themselves with games and performances, but knowing that D-Nice had people swag surfing in the White House, I would like an opportunity to do that for a future president who is cool like Obama or Obama himself. God willing! Haha!

– First time you bombed
In 96. It was like my second time rocking and I played Babyface f LL Cool J’s – For The Lover in you at like 1am…. someone screamed WHERES THE REGGAEEEEEEEEEEE!!! BOOOOO!!! Lol! That’s NYC for you, never bombed after that. Mind you, I was suppose to open and only brought opening wax with me and the main dj was running late and the other opener didn’t want to contribute going. I think was set up now that I think about it lol!

– First time you rocked

House party’s back in 95-96 and then doing 18+ Parties at Tunnel, Speed, St Marks Place Metropolis in Queens and lots of clubs down in the LES and lower Manhattan.

– Toughest crowd to impress (doesn’t have to be a city, could be situation or event type)

Albuquerque, NM for the Life In Color Tour afterparty. Everything they danced to HAD to be a twerk remix, it couldn’t be the original song like for instance, I couldn’t play the original version of Say Ahh with Fabolous, it had to be the 100BPM twerk remix of that same song. I went thru my whole night playing remixes back to back, that was pretty intense lol. I had fun tho, you learn something new everyday! Mind you, I had to play the same set or close to the same set I did at the festival in the club. Shouts to Fusion Productions (Julio & Damien).


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