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Saturday, January 28, 2017

(Video) NBA: Lebron James Responds To Charles Barkley’s Comments About Him Not Being A Competitor

Posted by YeezysWorld on 11:33 AM

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We all know Charles Barkley loves to talk when Inside The NBA is on. Sometimes he is right on point with what he says, while other times he just doesn’t make any sense. Him and Shaq got into a heated debate this past Thursday, regarding how Lebron James was publicly throwing his team and front office under the bus. Bron mentioned how the Cavs were “top heavy” with himself, Kyrie & Kevin Love and how they don’t get much help elsewhere. After another loss, he told the media “we need a playmaker” in regards to a solid backup point guard to help run things when he and Kyrie are off the floor. The discussion got heated when Barkley accused Bron of not wanting to compete and Shaq defended him.


In case you missed it, here was the discussion between Shaq & Barkley.

Shaq claims the only thing wrong with what Lebron was saying, was the fact he made it public instead of keeping it in house. He was strong in his defense of the king and his competitive spirit. Barkley looked at it, almost as if Lebron was scared of just going out there and leaving it on the floor and he was also upset that Bron wanted more help for a team that is the defending champions. Not too mention the team that Lebron basically put together.

Teammate Tristan Thompson also didn’t take so kindly to Lebron’s comments, essentially just telling him to man up and go out there and play with who we have.

Lebron was asked about Barkley’s comments yesterday and he didn’t know what the reporter was talking about but when he explained what Barkley said, he just pretty much laughed it off and said Barkley says things for ratings.

Apparently, despite how entertaining Inside The NBA can be, it doesn’t compare with playing “speak out” with son, Bryce. “I wasn’t watching no damn TNT”, Lebron said.

This was one of those times where Barkley was just talking to talk. Sure, Lebron publicly complaining about wanting more help isn’t a great idea but to go as far as to say he doesn’t like to compete, especially with the way he brought he Cavs roaring back against the Warriors in the Finals last season is just nonsense.


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