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Thursday, January 26, 2017

(Video) India.Arie Gets Roasted For Defending Chrisette Michelle’s Actions

Posted by YeezysWorld on 6:21 PM


India Arie has recently came out in support of Christte Michelle performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Michelle recently spoke on her family disowning her after the performance.

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India.Arie wrote a open letter saying,

“Social media is a powerful tool, that becomes a weapon, when people start treating each other as little more, than the little blue screen in front of them.Do I agree with her performing at the inauguration? NO. I would have NEVER done it. For any price, under any circumstance. but thats ME.
Do I agree with her having the CHOICE? YES
Do I think I understand the nuance that went into her decision? NO!!”

Arie finished the letter saying,

I (don’t have to AGREE with Chrirsette to) Stand up for Chrisette
I stand for Love
I stand for acceptance
I stand for social responsibility
I stand for peace
I stand for you
I stand for me
I stand for US

Michelle responded to Arie saying,

@indiaarie Unlike your friend, I didn’t vote for trump. But I refuse to HATE him or anyone else. Love is greater… …and Love is will stand tallest in the end. And that is what will always stand by me. So grateful for you sis. #Namaste 🙏🏾❤️

Social media responded to Arie. The backlash was too real. One person tweeted,

India Arie is vouching for Chrisette Michele?

It’s like there’s this suddenly public hierarchy of musicians nobody gives a damn about.

Another person tweeted,

@indiaarie We have every right to expect people in our community not to help normalize this administration & its hate.

Bottom line, any one who comes into contact with Trump is canceled according to social media. India responded to the backlash saying,

So! I wrote a open letter about cyber bullying & some are attempting to bully ME 😆 Ok. I speak my truth. Always have always will.

Source: Complex


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