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Friday, January 27, 2017

URL’s Own @Shotgunsuge103 Blast BARS in #Freestyle039 With @FunkFlex On @Hot97

Posted by YeezysWorld on 4:56 AM

#Freestyle039 Yes we dropped #Freestyle038 yesterday, and Lady Luck did the damn thing, but if you read that post, aside from me letting you know about a particular skill set these rappers have, I also told about another Rapper we had last night, and that’s the rapper dropping today!

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JERSEY!!! So the way this story goes, actually prior to Wednesday, about 3 months ago, right after NOME 6, Shotgun Suge hit me up on IG to let me know he was interested, which I had just seen him at NOME 6 so I knew what it was. Mind you this was back in November, but again, especially for all those out there, it’s a process, it takes time, and not everyone can come up there, written or off top, it’s still not everyone can come up here. Any way long story short, I told Suge I’d come to his Battle on Jan 22, a UDubb event, but I knew I was thinking of getting him up around that time then on top of it within that time, Flex hit me and was like ‘check out this guy, I like his style’, I hit him back and said ‘already scheduled’, so it was set. I watched his battle verses Hitman Holla, and yes it was a good Battle, but I think Suge got it. So any way, now to night of this, as I was getting Flex, Suge and a couple of his homies, came, so we went upstairs and recorded Luck, then it was Suge’s turn;

So that last line, asking for Cassidy, what’s your thoughts?? Suge Vs. Cassidy???


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