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Friday, January 27, 2017

NBA: Tristan Thompson Fires Back At Lebron For Complaining The Cavs Need More Help

Posted by YeezysWorld on 5:28 PM

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Tristan Thompson is not here for the drama that Lebron James has brought around the Cavs in the past week. After complaining about the team being “top heavy” in which he only cited himself, Kyrie and Kevin Love, Lebron continued to complain about needing more help this season, saying “we need a mother f*cking playmaker”, in regards to needing another player to come in and help run things when he and Kyrie are off the floor. It’s ironic for Lebron to ask for more help when he is essentially the person who built this team how it’s currently constructed and they are coming off a year that saw them win the NBA championship. While most people on the team would keep quiet and not talk back at the king, Tristan Thompson is not one of those people.


“LeBron’s comment is what it is,” Thompson said. “I really don’t give a [expletive]. I just got to keep playing better. We got to keep playing harder. He’s right. We got to all play better. It’s simple. You see the [expletive] out there. We all see it.”

Thompson was clearly not a fan of the way Lebron basically diminished the rest of the teammates.

“This is the team we have right now,” Thompson said. “That’s how you got to approach the game. You can’t go out there hoping somebody is coming to walk through the door. Play with whoever the hell we got right now, and let’s win some [expletive] games.”

Thompson is basically telling Lebron to “man up” and he’s 100% correct. Lebron knows better than to bash teammates in the public and constantly make it seem like the team needs more. He is panicking because the Cavs have been horrible as of late but everyone knows that won’t last. You can only control the play on the court and Thompson made sure to point out that all teams usually have something to work on.

“No team is perfect,” Thompson said. “Every team needs something. You go to Golden State, they said they didn’t have the post players to protect them. The Raptors, they say, after Kyle Lowry and DeMar [DeRozan], what else do they got? Us, he wants another playmaker. It is what it is. Every team needs something. That’s for the front office. We only can control what we got. Guys got to get better.”

I wonder how Lebron is really going to feel about this comments. Hopefully he respects where Thompson is coming from and understands that he is the one who is right.


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