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Saturday, January 21, 2017

21 Savage Receives Backlash After Tweet About Women

Posted by YeezysWorld on 8:30 AM

Pic Source; Youtube
21 Savage isn’t really the twitter type and you can tell as you scroll down his timeline. He only tweets once every couple of days. Now we see why he doesn’t tweet as much. He was on Twitter yesterday and tweeted something out that got many people offended, especially women.

OliJawn; Twitter || Instagram

The tweet was about how it is “mandatory” for his woman to please him because of how hard he works. Twitter didn’t take to kindly to this and he heard it from everybody.

“I work so hard I feel like the ladies supppsed to fuck me and let me do my thing it’s mandatory you please me for all this hard work baby !”

He has since deleted the tweet and had some words for the backlash in a series of tweets.

“Everything I say y’all try and twist it fuck I look like supporting rape y’all dum as fuck”

“a real bitch should see how hard a real nigga is working and want to give him Lee way and not try and make him commit or tie him down”

“Read next time before y’all try n find any reason to hang me I’m to player and nice to women to support some sick ass shit like dat”

Next time, 21 Savage should just word the tweet slightly different so people won’t be so offended.



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