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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Clipse Talk About The Possibility Of Reuniting

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Could we be seeing a full-on reunion of The Clipse, the Virginia Beach duo of No Malice and Pusha T who split in 2009?

Both brothers recently sat down for an interview with GQ and talked about their sophomore LP Hell Hath No Fury, which hit its 10 year anniversary on Nov. 28.

During their chat, No Malice said he could definitely see working with his brother again and Pusha agreed. “I know we can do it,” Push said. “It would be an amazing album. We could totally conquer the world.”

Then the G.O.O.D Music President talked about Hell Hath No Fury, and why it was so well-received when it came out.

“We had the album of the year,” he stated. “It was a landslide. It was too vivid. The realest Hip Hop album ever made. Angst, anger and ego fueled that album. We were egomaniacs. We felt wronged by the music industry.”

No Malice concurred and said every word written on that project reflected the lives they were living at the time and nothing was fake.

“It was real,” he explained. “We talked about exactly how we lived. Nothing was fabricated. Of course, you can embellish things like 100-foot yachts, but you got a realism that was rare. You can fact check everything and we come up clean.”

At the moment, the brother’s careers are in different places. Push, of course, dropped two critically acclaimed solo albums in My Name Is My Name and King Push — Darkest Before Dawn, while No Malice has been dropping gospel based rap songs.

It’s something that Pusha is still trying to get used to:

“This is not where I envisioned myself,” stated the 39-year-old. “I came into this game with my brother and my best friend and that’s it and now I’m making music with good friends, but not the people I came in with.”

Hopefully, that’ll change at some point, and both Thornton brothers will start collaborating on music again.

You can read the rest of their interview here.


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