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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Did Nicki Minaj Threaten To KILL Mariah Carey?!

Posted by Unknown on 11:23 PM

Yesterday, we showed you a video of Nicki Minaj straight SPAZZING on fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey while they were filming a round of auditions. Apparently Mimi had been making little jabs at Nick throughout the segment, and Nicki just couldn’t take it anymore and just brought the inner gangsta out. Now TMZ is reporting there was more to the fight that didn’t make it to the one minute clip. “If I had a gun I would shoot her,” Nicki allegedly exclaimed in the midst of things. Now whether she said that is still up for debate (as Nicki’s camp says that’s BS), but even if she did…I wouldn’t really take that as a “death threat”. People say some crazy things while they’re mad, and I’m willing to bet all my money on the fact that was all it was.


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