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Friday, November 9, 2018

JZidor – Interview @JZidorMusic

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JZidor – Interview @JZidorMusic
Your New Project is out tell us more about it
Yes! “What is love, what is trust” Its out! It’s the second single to my lead single “All About You” off my E.p “I told you so” & its just been Sorel these last few years, since being on American Idol. I’m glad 2018 blessed me with releasing my own music under my own publishing company. I remember me typing my name in Apple music search bar and nothing pop’d up, now Its two songs! I’m lit lol & I can’t wait to see eps, albums, etc.
What artist are you feeling right now?
The artist I’m feeling now, Well my forever bae is Beyonce but she’s not of this generation. 1. goes to Normoni. She is the example to her peers on how to serve fierceness. I can’t wait until she established her sound.
Rapper pardison Fontaine he just has a classic style almost feel like he’s from the 90s how he raps with a modern style, I like that he worked in the back and now he getting his shine, I’m looking forward to more Mu-mu from him and he’s handsome.
Little Mix they are just amazing. They are like the group version of Beyonce in the vain of on a record they sound great but LIVE! They are a force to be messed with, they’re like a super girl group I hope they do a solo project as well but come bk& slave us as a band
The city girls their album is soooooo good its raw and in yo face and cocky they’re from Miami so that’s period & as an artist getting out of Miami, seeing them stunt musically is the encouragement to keep going because it lets me know the world wants more artist, & music from Miami 5. JZidor lol, because I’m corny lol. No, I’m really trying to bring RnB to the pop chart again with black skin. To put it in a nutshell. And a bonus Queen naija because she’s my Idol sister and I’m soooooo glad to see her do her thang very proud of her.
Top 5 rappers of all time to you?
So my top five rappers. Now I’m going to lie I am not a rap connoisseur so don’t be expecting some deep ass list but I can tell you the cutest one tho lol
The Game I highly appreciate the thirst trap pics lol.
Big Sean lyrical wise and image-wise + I saw him on a plane very nice guy.
50 cent cuz he’s the guy from high school that’s you call “Can’t get right ” lol ya know, the guy that comes in the cafeteria and be loud running thru there yelling, jumping on tables & shit and you’ll & just roll your eyes, & it extra aggy cuz he kinda cute, yeah that’s him lol.
Jay-z because he married to my unofficial sister Beyonce, So enough said.
Taylor Bennett. Listen to the Album enjoyed it. Obvious I love that he lives in his truth as far as being Bi also being chubby on the album cover, dealing with weight & the struggles from his hood he seems like a genuine guy and a bonus OgSo2100 she murks them all lol.
What’s your next move?
My next move is to get “I told you so” done, Doing more shows, videos, I wanna get back on Reality Tv, id love to do like a love & hip hop style show with former American Idol contestants.
 Albums, Tours, and just continue making a lane for myself. I have my own publishing company now, so expanding on that. You know taking over the world pretty much and also I don’t like to say my plans cuz I don’t wanna put too much expectations on its shit.
Tell the people where they can find your music and you online.
Well, my music is on all platforms. I prefer tidal ya know keeping it black lol but I’m on all the big boys Apple music, Spotify, Amazon music, SoundCloud, YouTube, iheartradio etc and I’m on the firework app. Which I think is pretty cool also follow me on.ig/twitter.@JZidorMusic.

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